Nuestra Historia

Familia Linda,

This brand was created for Latinas to regain their voice and embrace their culture. To be able to put on a single piece of jewelry and feel like the Valiente, Chingona and Jefa they are. Why do we say Latina with a Don Juan Mentality? Because a Don Juan is often respected, portraid as Chingon (El Mero El Mero)  strong and powerful. I want to share the strength my father left me. We are Latinas with a Don Juan Mentality and we'll just keep getting more poderosas from here.

How Did We Come To Be?

I woke up one day and told my dad I was going to have my own business. He looked at me and said "Mija, its not that easy" and I looked at him and said "Papa, I'm going to try" After several days of coming up with what I wanted my brand to be, I sat with Papa and while drinking our morning Cafécito I asked him what I should name it. He thought for a while and then said Oreja Linda. Oreja Linda? I looked at him and said that's it Papa, Oreja Linda. His eyes watered a bit and he said Si? That instant, I registered the name without a doubt or hesitation. Now we're here, growing our Oreja Linda Familia. 

Papa left me beautiful memories; his amor and passion now lives within me. I strive to create reminders of home and family. I'm just a girl trying to make her padres proud and adorn my body with reminders of our cultures. But most importantly, I want to share the strength and consejos my father left me, so that you too will have a Don Juan Mentality Be a part of Oreja Linda and embrace being a Chingona, Jefa y Don Juan!

Con Mucho Amor y Cariño,

Maria Gonzalez
(Founder of Oreja Linda but Most important daughter of a Don Juan)