Handcrafted Jewelry designed to keep your Oreja Linda!

Each earrings are uniquely hecho a mano and sculpted from polymer clay, resin, and other lightweight materials with the utmost care and quality! A beautiful accessory designed to embrace your Chingona, Jefa and Don Juan style!

Jefa Moves Earrings

You're a Chingona making Jefa Moves and Jefas wear hoops! Make a statement wether you are a Jefa, Chingona, or a Don Juan we created a wide variety of earrings that will be sure to keep your Oreja Linda!

Volar - Oreja Linda
Corazon de Oro - Oreja Linda
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Aguas - Oreja Linda
Culebra - Oreja Linda

Boss Babe like a Don Juan

Babes should be Intelligente , Fuerte y Valiente like a Don Juan. We are on a mission to change the way you think of a Don Juan and give you some game changing earrings. Be and look like a DON JUAN!